Worldwide shipping services by FCL Door/Door Container and Roll-on/Roll-off shipping together with consolidation services for parts and spares

  • UK and European Trucking including the application for required permits where required.
  • US Trucking countrywide from arrival US port to destination for all shipments including Main Battle Tanks and all sizes of vehicles and parts.
  • US State Permits obtained.
  • US representation with the facility to obtain the required US Government Licences both for importation and exportation from the US on behalf of sellers and buyers.
  • Nominated Customs brokers in the US, Australia and European ports to take care of exportation and Import customs requirements.
  • All our agents are experienced in Military shipments.
  • Members of the Military Vehicle Trust (MVT) and BIFA (British International Freight Association)

Items regularly shipped:

  • Main Battle Tanks; Tank Destroyers; SPG’s; CVR(T)’s; APC’s and both medium and heavy trucks; jeeps and smaller vehicles.
  • Artillery, Howitzers and Cannons from Flak’s up to AA’s and Long Tom 155mm
  • All parts and spares.