• Abbot

    Fv433 Abbot Field Artillery; Self-Propelled Gun variant of the British Army Fighting Vehicles 105mm Gun in service 1965-1995.

    Numerous vehicles shipped by IML from the UK to Canada, USA and Australia to Museums and private collectors .

  • Elefant

    The 70 ton Panzerjager Tiger (P) commonly known as Elefant

    Captured in Anzio 1944 having taken part in the battle of Kursk and one of only 2 surviving

    Loaned and shipped to The Tank Museum from the USA

  • Hetzer

    Rare German World War 11 Jagdpanzer 38t Hetzer tank destroyer built in 1945 one of only 2 original running in the world; shipped to the Australian Armour and Artillery Museum from Bruce and Max Crompton at Axis Track Services Ltd

  • Leopard 1A5

    Leopard 1A5 variant Main Battle Tank of German origin standard MBT for European forces and numerous armies worldwide.

    All shipped by IML from Europe to the USA, Canada and Australian Museums and collectors.

  • Long Tom

    155mm Gun M1 “Long Tom” Field Gun deployed during World War II with a range of 22kms.

    Three shipped from Germany with one for the prestigious Australian Armour and Artillery Museum; two more being shipped to the USA.

  • LVT4

    The Landing Vehicle Tracked (LVT) an amphibious landing craft introduced by the US Navy used in amphibious assault in many campaigns in the Second World War.

    Shipped from a remote location in Australia to a Museum in the USA

  • M36

    World War II American M36 Tank Destroyer 90mm Gun fully restored and shipped to the World War 2 Armor Museum in Florida, USA to be added to their collection.

  • Merida T55 Tank and others

    Two T-55 AM Merida medium tanks which were the standard Warsaw Pact modification of the Russian designed T55 Tanks of Polish origin.

    Both have been shipped to important collectors in Canada and the USA