About Us

For many years, Mike Lynch and David Steel have been dedicated to helping museums, restorers and collectors move complex ex-military projects around the globe. As well as the prestigious items shown in our projects page, the many vehicles we have shipped worldwide include all variants of CVR(T)’s, Tank Destroyers, Main Battle Tanks of all origin as well as Armoured Trucks, Jeeps and Humvees of all descriptions and origin.

For example: Leopard MBT’s to Canada, the USA and Australia; T55/T34’s from Poland to the USA and Canada;  Landing Craft, Tanks and Armoured Personnel Carriers to and from  Eastern Europe, Holland, France, Australia and the USA.

Artillery includes items such as Howitzers and Field Artillery both heavy and small together with Anti-Aircraft Guns. We have the capability to move ‘live’ guns with the correct permissions in place.